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The Felling Auto Transport

When you have a load of vehicles going a long distance, you can't afford to leave one behind! Felling's Auto Transport was engineered to haul more vehicles than any other transport on the market! Notice that in the photo above there are 5 Full Size Pick-ups, 2 SUV's, a minivan, and 2 compact cars. That's 10 vehicles on one load!! With today's current fuel prices you can't afford to pull anything less than a Felling Auto Transport!†Felling Car Haulers are built with ease of loading and unloading cars, trucks, vans and other vehicles. It's the Auto Transporter that is designed and built with quality and workmanship top priority.

If you are looking for a custom, flatbed, or industrial trailer, click on our main web site link. www.felling.com

We also have a transport that could be used with a tractor not requiring a head rack.† For a general idea of what it looks like, click on the link.†† -Fifth wheel-

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